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0004894ardourfeaturespublic2012-06-04 21:51
Reporterpaulalpha Assigned To 
Status feedbackResolutionopen 
Product Version3.0 beta4 
Target Version3.0 
Summary0004894: patch change message loses first note of region, and can't delete patch change
DescriptionWhen patch change is inserted into a region, 2 problems:
-when patch change message is sent at beginning of region, first note of region is lost.
-cannot delete patch change message
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2012-06-01 14:04

administrator   ~0013345

You can delete the patch change by Shift-Right-Clicking on it in "edit region contents". I can't reproduce the note being lost. Is it just lost in the view? Does it still play?


2012-06-03 15:19

reporter   ~0013363

I thought I thoroughly tried everything to delete it before posting the issue, but I guess I never thought to try that.

The first note does not play, like it gets lost while the bank is changing. Maybe it is an issue with my hardware. I'll play with it. Sorry to waste your time. You're doing great work!


2012-06-03 21:08

administrator   ~0013373

The magic delete key combo is a bit difficult to find, but it does work with lots of different things in Ardour. Can you still see the first note, even if it does not play?


2012-06-04 21:51

reporter   ~0013377

I can see the first note, but it does not play. I tried adding the program change message to the very end of the preceding pattern, instead of at the beginning of the pattern where I wanted it (so hypothetically, the command still falls on the same moment chronologically). That worked fine as a workaround; the patch changed as desired with no notes lost.

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