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0004881ardourbugspublic2013-07-11 09:58
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Summary0004881: Exporting does not trigger jack transport
DescriptionExporting a session does not trigger the jack transport and thus does not start other playbacks, for instance Hydrogen. When doing a playback, everything works as expected.
Additional InformationThe only workaround I found is to record the output of the other playbacks in an Ardour track for export, which is kind of annoying.
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related to 0004420 assignedSaBer Export should have a non-freewheeling mode 



2012-06-13 18:49

administrator   ~0013505

The export feature in A3 doesn't support "real time" export yet, so I'm afraid the workaround will have to do for now.


2012-06-14 07:53

developer   ~0013526

The workaround can actually be quite convienient if you do not record all the external playbacks triggerd by jack into a bunch of tracks, but only the mastered signal into one track.

The track with the mastered signal can then easily be exported.

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