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0004875bugs2012-05-21 09:22
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Summary0004875: reserved identifier violation
DescriptionI would like to point out that identifiers like "__ardour_amp_h__" and "_AlignStyle" do not fit to the expected naming convention of the C++ language standard.

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2012-05-21 09:22

administrator   ~0013269

We will accept patches for this but I consider the language standard hopelessly at odds with (a) common C and C++ programming habits over the last 30 years and (b) a probabilistic assessment of reality.

The chances of a compiler or another library definining __ardour_amp_h__ are vanishingly small. The chances of a compiler or another library defining an identifier with function scope and a name like _AlignStyle are even smaller.

Ardour's code is definitely not in line with the standard, but I am going to mark this as WONTFIX. Patches to change things will be cheerfully accepted.

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