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0004853ardourbugspublic2012-04-25 20:17
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Summary0004853: Slight canvas error when splitting MIDI regions
DescriptionRecord a new MIDI region in a new session, no tempo changes, say 0000014:0000007 bars long, leaving space (i.e. no notes) at each first beat. insert a split at bar 2 beat 1 (not intersecting any notes) and watch how some notes after the split move *slightly*, some forward, some backward. you can use undo/redo to notice the changes. the audible difference is not really noticeable at 120 BPMs, but they are visibly moving. this happens whether there is a tempo change present (not intersecting) in the session or not.
Additional InformationI think this is a rounding thing in GnomeCanvas; probably worth waiting for the new canvas code.
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2012-04-25 20:17

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