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0004844ardourbugspublic2012-05-23 15:08
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Summary0004844: zoom Midi region (- and =) kills keybindings for moving the playhead back and forth.
Description1. Using keybindings for changing track height to largest (or others) works ok. At the largest height i then zoom into the region further to edit Midi, using the "=" keybinding.

2. I have regular bindings for moving the playhead back and forth by grid, being ALT + left-right arrows. Once i've carried out the operation described in (1), these bindings no longer work, and i have to restart Ardour to get them functioning again.

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2012-04-15 16:00

administrator   ~0013124

Have you made your own bindings for changing track height? What are they? Can you give a precise recipe to reproduce the bug, starting from starting Ardour and creating a new session?


2012-04-16 13:00

reporter   ~0013136

KB for track heights are:

Shift + keypad 0 = normal
Shift + keypad 1 = large
Shift + keypad 2 = larger
Shift + keypad 3 = largest

Open a session, add a midi track, record some midi creating a new region. Use one of the above keybindings to increase the height (usually Shift + KP 3). Once finished editing, hit the KB for normal (Shift + KP 0 ) and the region returns to normal height.

the ALT + left/right arrows are mapped to "nudge playhead back and forward" actions.

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