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0004843ardourfeaturespublic2012-06-09 14:15
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Summary0004843: channel 1 in each track is the default for playback. I Propose a change.
DescriptionCurrently we add a midi track, and all midi channelsare active in the track header. But playing a keyboard "live" into the track, only gives us channel 1 output no matter which channel we select. If our midi output port goes to a sampler or instrument which has a different preset or articulation for each channel, we have to guess the correct sound when inputting, then manually adjust the channel after the notes have been recorded to reflect the articulation/channel we want.

I propose that selecting a midi channel in the track header outputs to the correct channel selected, not always channel 1. We can audition the preset/patch before recording.

And the default for a new midi track added is not all channels on at once, but just channel 1. This ensures the user won't add a track, play a note and get hammered by all 16 channels playing at once. (Not to mention frightening his speakers or headphones)
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2012-04-19 19:13

administrator   ~0013141

the channel associated with notes input from a keyboard will match the channel in the note events sent by the keyboard (they are not fixed by ardour)

when graphically adding notes, the lowest active channel is used to set the note value.

what you are asking for, i think, is that ardour overrides the channel associated with note data, and replaces it with a fixednumber.


2012-04-20 03:21

reporter   ~0013147

Aah, right. I didn't realise that notes input from the keyboard were sent directly to the connected output. I assumed that as we can set a channel number for an existing note once it's already present, Ardour was capable of sending directly by channel number to output according to which channel was selected in the matrix in the track header.

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