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0004842ardourfeaturespublic2012-06-17 01:35
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Summary0004842: Add a small led to the midi track header to indicate the state of enable-disable midi port.
DescriptionCurrently, we determine the state of a track midi input port by playing a note or observing the input port icon in the editor mixer.

There is no opportunity to take a quick overall glance of midi tracks determining which tracks are enabled or not.

The suggestion is add a small led in the midi track header that indicates the track port state. (enabled=led on/disabled=led off)

I would suggest,as a start point for discussion, adding the led indicator in the track name textbox, on the right hand side.

Coupled with a previous submitted request, for a midi port enable/disable keybinding, the user can quickly glance at multiple midi tracks, and see which track ports are enabled. If there's one he doesn't want enabled, he can select the track, and hit the keybinding to toggle it off.

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2012-06-17 01:35

administrator   ~0013557

we're currently discussing removing or changing the function of that button. not sure how it will go.

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