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0004807ardourbugspublic2012-04-04 11:15
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Product Version3.0-beta3 
Target Version3.X 
Summary0004807: Ardour crashes when a plugin throws up a licence or other dialog
DescriptionThis is a specific case but may occur with other plugins throwing up licencing or other dialogs. It is may be directly associated with the system exit status of the plugins dialog. IE exit status may be 1 or another status that is interpreted by Ardour as a signal to close down?? Crash report suggests otherwise.

Specific case - Arturias's Jupiter-8V2 plugin requires a licencing tool to be connected to authorise any use, even for demo. If this has not been done then running the plugin will pop up the dialog in the attached file.

This happens when Ardour checks the plugin (AU) on startup. The dialog shown in the attachment is displayed and Cancel is selected from the dialog. The dialog reappears. Clicking cancel again causes Ardour to crash. Following attachment will be crash report.
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2012-04-03 04:25


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2012-04-03 04:31

reporter   ~0013068

As a general thing Ardour should be able to bypass and put "on hold" or even ignore any plugin that has a non normal return state.


2012-04-03 04:47

reporter   ~0013070

Summary should have made clear that this crash occurs when Ardour is checking a new AU plugin at startup.

Also should add that when plugin is removed (deleted from components) all is well - in other words there is no obvious mess left as a result of the crash.


2012-04-03 05:01

reporter   ~0013072

Mac OS X Lion 10.7.3
iMac i3
8GB ram
using JackRouter to route audio into ardour
interface M-Audio fast track ultra 8R


2012-04-04 03:54

reporter   ~0013074

Further investigation shows that it is the plugin that crashes - running the standalone Jupiter-8V2 app exhibits the crash. In other words Ardour is inheriting the crash state. So, not Ardour's problem per se, but none the less would be good to have Ardour isolate plugins in a forked process/new thread to avoid the main Ardour thread crashing with the plugin, at least during the check phase. Not knowing Ardour's architecture, I may be talking trash - but the principle applies.


2012-04-04 04:14

reporter   ~0013075

And just to complete the picture - it appears I was trying to run the paid version without the bits it needs rather than the demo - a problem for Arturia to deal with of course. Nonetheless Ardour should protect itself if possible from hosted plugin crashes.

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