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0000476ardourbugspublic2009-06-26 16:19
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Summary0000476: 'Show waveforms while recording' button behaves like bug 323
DescriptionAs 'Follow playhead' used to do, it remembers its setting between ardour instances, but even if ardour starts with it in state of 'off', it still updates waveforms, requirng a toggle of the button.

Also, Follow Playhead seems to always be active now, doesnt remember its state.
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2006-11-06 17:28

administrator   ~0002671

Is this still a problem?


2009-06-26 16:19

manager   ~0006182

Resolving out since it has been literally years since feedback was requested to confirm it was still a problem and none has been given. I will close it out in a couple of weeks if no new posts confirming the issue is still around is made.


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