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0004743features2012-02-27 14:48
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Summary0004743: bounce options
Descriptionoptions buonce of ardor not implement the function of buonce in real time.
This is inconvenient if you are working on a project with many plug ins per track, it could cause an overload of work that the processor might create errors in the track to be exported in a precise manner.
would be useful to be able to export in real time to ensure that the processor draws only what she is feeling while exporting less chance of error in the bounce.
another thing that is very useful when you need to exchange projects between the programs is to export all on different tracks so that the recipient can import all the material on each sequencer with ease.
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2012-02-27 14:48

administrator   ~0012824

If you are having problems with bounce in non real-time, they are bugs; there may be other reasons for real-time bounce, but I don't think it should be used as a workaround for problems.

Have you tried "Stem Export" for exporting all tracks?

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