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0004732ardourbugspublic2012-05-24 11:48
Reporterbsjones Assigned Tocth103  
Status assignedResolutionunable to reproduce 
Target Version3.0 
Summary0004732: No popups in Loomer Aspect Native VST
DescriptionNone of the dropdown select boxes work in Aspect linuxVST from Loomer (registered and demo versions). The host window focus seems to lose focus.

Same plugin in qtractor is OK, so its not the linux VST itself. Other plugins (HybridReverbVST for example) can display dropdowns correctly

This is from revision r11474
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2012-04-15 21:27

administrator   ~0013135

Seems to work for me; is this still a problem?


2012-05-17 14:28

administrator   ~0013258

Closing this due to lack of feedback; please leave a comment if you are still having problems. Thanks!


2012-05-17 14:46

reporter   ~0013260

My apologies, been a bit busy on this end. Will recompile an re-open if the problem persists


2012-05-24 11:48

reporter   ~0013289

This is from todays r12420

Sorry for the delay - have just tried this again and I'm getting the same issue, however I was able to see a popup but only after minimizing the plugin window. My attempts to recreate even this failed though, but I'll keep trying

It looks like the popup is being rendered behind the plugin window. Am using KDE 4.8 - same with desktop effects on or off. Will try in XFCE for safe measure

Anything else I can try here to help diagnose the problem?


2012-05-24 11:48

reporter   ~0013290

See note

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