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0000472features2015-11-17 02:57
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Summary0000472: Copy/duplicate track
DescriptionA feature to copy a track and all its settings to a new track. This will speed up duplicating tracks with surround panning layouts and insert/send settings for example.
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2010-07-22 14:36

developer   ~0008584

Is this covered by templates, and if so does that resolve this issue ?


2012-01-19 14:35

reporter   ~0012579



2014-01-05 05:41

reporter   ~0015545

oofus: you mean save a single track as a template, then import it or something? I'm not even sure if that works, but it would be a lot of work to go to, if you're halfway through a song, and just want to duplicate one of 5 tracks (delete all the other tracks, save as a template, quit without saving, re-open, import template??).

There is a good use-case here: - basically, you have a complex synth plugin configured with lots of settings, then you want a simple variation of it (a few parameters differnt), without having to screw around with automation.


2014-01-05 13:00

administrator   ~0015546

I think "duplicating a track" for "screwing around with plugin setting" is the wrong approach.

The reason for this:
 * You *do* want to "screw around with parameters"
 * You *do not* actually want to duplicate the track.
It's just a 'creative workaround', not a solution.

For Audio-tracks there are already various proper solutions (A/B plugins, or use Busses, Aux-send to effect-busses,..), which of those is right depends on the context. Midi-tracks are still behind (only one synth, no A/B possible)

PS. You can also already 'duplicate' audio tracks without the associated automation data, by simply creating new track and choosing the playlist ('p' button of the track-header) of some other track. For Midi-tracks this is yet another feature on the ToDo list.

PPS. You could edit the raw ardour.session XML and duplicate the track by copy/paste (just change the unique IDs).


2015-11-17 02:56

administrator   ~0017614

now present in git master.


2015-11-17 02:57

administrator   ~0017615

sometimes it takes 9 years ....

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