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0000047ardourfeaturespublic2003-12-12 15:10
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Summary0000047: non power of 2 zooming
DescriptionImplement support for zooming the editor window to arbitrary zoom scales.
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2003-10-16 14:34

administrator   ~0000022

Last edited: 2003-10-16 14:37

From Jesse:

Finally, I got the arbitrary zooming working pretty nicely.
  * can now zoom at an arbitrary scale, with the zoom mouse mode,
    or with the new Zoom Span time duration control box. This
    was a real pain to avoid a jiggling waveform on front trimming,
    that's what took so long. You might see little bits of it sometimes.
  * added buttons for zoom in/out and zoom to session, and zoom
  * redid all the button pixmaps so they will work on other background
    colors in the case of future custom themes. Just gave them
    a 1 pixel border.
  * aligned and tightened the toolbar
  * changed most buttons to use the clicked signal (except the
    freaky play and record).
  * gtk/ardour: 0.402.0 libardour: 0.691.0
    All the time boxes are pretty messed up, the only way I can use them is
    to use Shift-mousewheel, or click then type in a number followed
    by enter. I will add a bug to mantis describing their problems.

edited on: 10-16-03 07:37


2003-10-16 14:34

manager   ~0000023

Got it working and committed. Trickier than it should have been. Front trimming without jiggling waveforms is hard :) Samplitude can't do it, but ardour can!

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