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0004631bugs2012-10-18 16:24
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Product Version3.0-beta2 
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Summary0004631: GUI window z-order
DescriptionIf I detach the transport from the main window and then close the transport, I have no easy way getting it back (?)

I can breifly see the transport while launching the session again and if I move main window and mixer (if open) the transport is there.

Additional InformationThere is no setting inside Ardour to toggle Transport view on/of that I have found that would make this easier.

This may be a window manager thing (running Xbuntu 11.10 with XFCE4 but I have no issues in other programs.

The same goes for any other detachable parts but I don't know their names :-)
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2012-01-27 17:37

administrator   ~0012682

there should be no decoration (including "close" buttons) around the tearoff windows. if your WM is putting it there, it is ignoring a request from ardour to not do so.


2012-01-27 19:14

reporter   ~0012687

Ok, I guess LXDE with it? WM doesn cope well with this feature then.

If I detach the transport and click on the canvas, the transport will disappear z-wise to below my main and mixer windows. But this is not arduors fault.

The wm doesnt give the window it's own window handle though.

See attached image.


2012-01-27 19:15

reporter   ~0012688

Sorry, meant xfce, not lxde

2012-01-27 19:16



2012-01-27 20:52

administrator   ~0012689

Your image does show the WM giving the tearoff its own decoration or "handle". there should be *no* title bar above the tearoff. in addition, the tearoff is set to "keep above" which should prevent the z-order mess you describe. apparently your WM needs some help :)


2012-01-28 02:43

reporter   ~0012692

ok, I'll give it a kick :-)


2012-04-01 15:13

administrator   ~0013060

Did you manage to get this sorted out?


2012-04-12 00:48

reporter   ~0013117

Have not tested any other VMs yet but I belive this is not an Ardour thing.

Are all others using fat stuff like gnome or kde ?

Avlinux defaults to xfce if i remember correctly so this should be a fairly common issue ?


2012-04-18 18:15

reporter   ~0013139

Tested in AVlinux (debian) and avlinux is using lxde instead of xfce that I first stated.

The problem seems to be the same in lxde and the wm does not care about aurdour wants to create a windows without decorations.

There is an option to remove the decoration however but that is a "right click manual thing"


2012-10-18 16:24

administrator   ~0014101

this appears not to be an ardour issue, but there maybe something we can do to get better behaviour out of more window managers. i'm moving it to the post-3.0 list.

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