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0004622bugs2012-06-16 02:20
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Summary0004622: INVADA plugins crash Ardour and Mixbus when removing them from strips
DescriptionHi guys, just wanted to report this issue that when I remove an INVADA LV2 plugin from a strip it always crashes Ardour2 and Mixbus 2.0.5, but everything is fine with Ardour3. This mostly happens after opening the LV2 GUI plugin window and closing it, after that removing it from the strip it completely crashes the DAW.

This bug is is NOT affecting Ardour3, so I think it might be something to do with Ardour2 core source which Mixbus is also forked from.

I already got in touch with Ben Loftis at Harrison and the INVADA devs, they are looking into this but thought I might report here as well.

Thanks and cheers!

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2012-01-10 21:44

reporter   ~0012541

I just checked the source and saw there were changes in the LV2 gui for Ardour2, so I downloaded and compiled, now I did more testing with the INVADA plugins and all seems to be fine now, no crashes at the moment when removing them after displaying their GUI's. Was this the fix? I should report over to INVADA devs but I'll wait for you to let me know if this was the issue and if it was Ardour related.



2012-06-16 02:20

administrator   ~0013548

yes, this was fixed by a variety of LV2-related fixes and changes.

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