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Summary0004537: add a mouse modifier to temporarily disregard grouping
Descriptionit would be nice to have a modifier <foo>-click to temporarily disable grouping in the mixer, in case i want to correct the level of one channel in a group, or temporarily mute or solo just one. it would be nice if this new modifier were orthogonal to the existing ones for faders (ctrl: -oo dB, shift: 0dB, ctrl-drag for fine etc.)

maybe the windows key could be put to some good use here.

for consistency, the same modifier might make sense in the editor (nudge just one track of an edit group, etc...).
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2012-03-17 11:42

manager   ~0012945

after a week of intense editing and mixing in a3, this feature has become even more desirable. i'd be curious about other people's comments. for me, it would be a huge time-saver.
about 90% of the time, i disable a group temporarily for just one little tweak to one group member. moving to the group bracket first is a huge detour when all you want to do is tweak one fader.


2012-03-17 14:21

administrator   ~0012950

Last edited: 2012-03-17 14:22

we don't really have access to any more modifiers that most people have access to. this is particularly true on OS X, where there are no general modifiers like X11's "Mod1, Mod2, Mod3, etc"

for linux, it would be possible to use ModN (for some value of N) for this purpose, but most users wouldn't have any access to it.


2012-03-17 19:56

manager   ~0012952

three mousebuttons plus shift, ctrl, alt, and there is no combination unused?

how about ctrl-shift-click? ctrl for control group, shifted out of the way :-D


2012-03-17 19:59

administrator   ~0012953

ctrl-shift has an existing semantic in ardour - it means "apply to all". try clicking on the solo/mute/rec-enable button with this, for example.

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