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0004522ardourbugspublic2012-05-23 15:08
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Product Version3.0-beta1 
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Summary0004522: Incredibly high CPU load when idle
DescriptionI've got ardour 3.0-beta1 installed and when I load up a session it has incredibly high CPU load, even when stable. If I open a session in ardour2, it will take about 8% cpu, but if I open the same session in ardour3, it will take around 112% cpu. I have no idea what is causing this, but it could be something to do with plugins, as ardour 3 reports DSP at 50% while ardour2 reports DSP at around 18%.
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has duplicate 0004604 feedback CPU load even when ardour is idle 


2011-11-29 23:36


2011-11-29 23:37



2011-11-30 09:54

manager   ~0012237

just as a quick feedback, i've seen that too, occasionally, but haven't been able to pin it down. all my current sessions seem to behave.


2011-11-30 10:22

administrator   ~0012239

Are you using the same denormal options in A3 that you are in A2?


2011-11-30 11:27

reporter   ~0012240

yeah, they are both using "No processor handling"


2011-11-30 11:42

reporter   ~0012241

Last edited: 2011-11-30 11:43

I am also getting this in the error log window when I start to play the track, it then continues after I have paused it:
"[ERROR]: JACK: JackActivationCount::Signal value = 0 ref = 5
[ERROR]: JACK: JackActivationCount::Signal value = 0 ref = 5
[ERROR]: JACK: JackActivationCount::Signal value = 0 ref = 5"

Over and over again to the point where I can't close the log window because it reappears immediately.


2011-11-30 11:43

administrator   ~0012242

Are you seeing it with all sessions. How many CPU cores do you have, and how many are configured to be in use for DSP?


2011-11-30 11:50

manager   ~0012243

christophski, any chance of you joining #ardour on right now? we're both online, and it might be faster than chatting via mantis :-D


2011-11-30 13:03

reporter   ~0012244

Last edited: 2011-11-30 13:04

I am seeing it sessions that were originally created in ardour2. I don't have any big projects created with ardour3 yet so I can't fully say, however, I have a session in ardour2 with around 20 tracks and about 13 plugins which takes about 8% cpu when idling and a session in ardour3 with 1 tarck and 1 plugin in ardour3 which is taking the same about of cpu. I have an Intel Core i7 with 8 threads at 2.8GHz, so all percentages I'm posting are out of 800%. Configured DSP for all but one processor.

I haven't ever used irc before so I don't know what I'm doing :S


2011-11-30 15:02

manager   ~0012245

so christophski now knows how to use irc - 90% of this bug are fixed :-D

seriously though, i can reproduce it always. cpu load seems to be inversely proportional to x11 activity: wiggle some other window on top of any jackd client, and see the dsp load drop!

i'm attaching a minimal test sessions which is empty yet produces 40-45% idle load on both my test systems (one of which is nvidia-tainted dualhead, but the other is plain intel graphics with opensource driver).

2011-11-30 15:02


test.tar.bz2 (12,559 bytes)


2011-11-30 21:06

reporter   ~0012248

@nettings: I'm not seeing that with my session, I'll download yours and try it out. What version of distro/version of linux are you running?


2011-12-01 20:52

manager   ~0012257

Last edited: 2011-12-01 21:07

i just loaded my test sesssion again. now that i'm using an optimized build, it's down to 14% cpu usage. the interesting new factoid is that it stays around 14% even if i deactivate all 40 channel strips. wheee.


2011-12-24 16:50

reporter   ~0012452


I have exact the same problem with Ardour 3 Beta 1.

My processor is an i7 (8 cores), graphic card is an ATI with the Catalyst driver.
I'm running Ubuntu Oneiric.

DSP option in Ardour is set to 'All but one processor'.

All my projects were created with Ardour 3, and from the smallest 4 tracks without any plugins to the biggest 30 tracks with multiples LV2/LADSPA plugins, when Ardour is on idle, cpu usage is at about 50%...

Any additional info I could provide that you would find valuable, let me know!


2012-03-13 04:10

reporter   ~0012910

Last edited: 2012-03-13 04:17

I still have this problem with SVN from this weekend.. high dsp usage .. (running at 64 periods in 44.1k - low latency required on my ssytem).. however it is still use able. (not much by way of xruns).. (x6 1090T processor - runs at 15% usage with nothing armed in idle)

@blablack .. try turning off hyperthreading in the bios.. you should actually get better performance... (it's not true 8 cores.. it's 4 cores that can simultaneously process 8 threads) .


2012-03-15 12:07

administrator   ~0012933

@wickedboy: absolute DSP-% numbers aren't much use in knowing the extent of the problem here. better to compare with ardour2 when used with similar session.


2012-03-16 00:08

reporter   ~0012940


Sorry,completely agreed

Ardour 2 runs at about 2% DSP usage when idle.. when running the same jack settings and no tracks configured (so same basic configuration)..

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