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0004514ardourfeaturespublic2012-06-26 01:46
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Summary0004514: ardour should remember how many octaves we see in the piano keyboard of a midi track header
DescriptionRevision 10824

at the moment, ardour does not remember how many octaves we see in the piano keyboard of a midi track header. here on every new creation of a midi track, if i extend it so that i see the piano keyboard, ardour always shows a default of 1 octave.

i am attching a screen shot for better understanding.

when i first time extended the first track there, the piano keyboard was looking the same like in the second track (default - 1 octave).
than i adjusted the piano keyboard so that i can see about 3 octaves.

than i created the second track and extended it to see the piano keyboard. ardour fails to default and is showing only one octave for that track.

i think that it would be an improvement if ardour would follow the user in this case and remember the woking keyboard range.

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2011-11-26 01:12


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piano.png (32,180 bytes)   


2012-06-26 01:46

administrator   ~0013713

there's no obvious reason to do either of these (fixed range, or the user's last adjusted range), but the user's last adjusted range makes a bit more sense.

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