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0004510bugs2011-12-06 23:42
ReporteroofusAssigned Tocth103 
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PlatformDell D830 core2duo T9300 2.5GHzOSKubuntuOS Version11.10
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Fixed in Version3.0-beta2 
Summary0004510: Shift+Ctrl+clicking on the 'narrow mixerstrip' button of a mixer strip should make all mixer strips narrow.
DescriptionShift+Ctrl+clicking on the 'narrow mixerstrip' button of a mixer strip should make all mixer strips narrow.
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2011-11-24 20:08

administrator   ~0012204

SVN 10822.


2011-11-25 12:36

updater   ~0012208

Other channel strip controls (rec-arm, mute, etc.) use <Ctrl>+<Shift>+click to mean 'apply to all routes', but these only require <Shift>-click.

Was there any reason not to make it consistent?


2011-11-25 13:17

reporter   ~0012209

also the checkbox in the preferences dialog 'use narrow mixer strip' should corresponding to it, when we ctrl+shift+narrow mixer strips.

at least from my point of view.



2011-11-28 17:53

developer   ~0012227

Yes, this should be ctrl+shift, not just shift.


2011-11-28 18:47

administrator   ~0012228

Ctrl-shift is now used in SVN 10831. Seems a bit odd to me to change a global preference in this way (as nowhiskey is suggesting). Any other opinions?


2011-11-28 18:58

developer   ~0012229

I don't see it as a global preference, I see it as a state when I am using the mixer. If I want to solo something I click the solo button. If I want to solo everything I ctrl+shift+click the solo button. LIke wise, if I want a narrow mixer strip then I click the narrow button, for all I ctrl+shift+click. Changing the width can be a transitory thing, I don't want to have to go digging in the prefs every time I want to do it.


2011-11-28 19:56

administrator   ~0012231

I think we'll leave things as they are for now, so that you can temporarily change things with the control-shift-click without affecting a global preference.


2011-12-06 23:42

developer   ~0012314


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