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0004495bugs2011-11-20 14:57
ReporterstratojauneAssigned Tocth103 
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Product Version3.0-beta1 
Fixed in Version3.0-beta2 
Summary0004495: the mute button doesn't remember to light in editor list when you close and re open a session
Descriptiondue to my poor english, can't describe better than summary !
here is a screenshot, look at the "BAD2" track.
oh, the track is audio muted in fact, there's only a graphic thing. it happens with all tracks you mute, when reload the session.

for the rest, have passed the day yesterday to record and edit something like 20 audio tracks, and never crash or bug : bravo !!
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2011-11-20 09:33


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2011-11-20 14:57

administrator   ~0012133

This was fixed in SVN 10703 and will be in beta 2.

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