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0004425ardourotherpublic2011-11-17 13:00
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Summary0004425: new session wizard window should be focused on session name
DescriptionKeyboard focus defaults to being on "Create session folder in:" instead of "Session name:" which it should not only because session name is at the top but most people will store all their sessions within the same folder hence that option normally doesn't need to be altered and no need for it to be the default object of keyboard focus.
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2011-11-16 23:10

reporter   ~0012100

Last edited: 2011-11-16 23:30

from my point of view, this one is much more urgent as it looks like.
it's a totally show-stopper, when after pressing twice time enter we have to grab the mouse and click into the name field. (especially in this time of testing and creating a lot of session, it gets so obviously).

and it is the first we see from ardour, when creating new session...

if possible, please give this report more attention.


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