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0004420ardourfeaturespublic2012-05-29 09:12
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Summary0004420: Export should have a non-freewheeling mode
DescriptionThere are various circumstances where Ardour's current, freewheeling-based export mode doesn't handle exports completely, such as when using external hardware synths or effects, or using ALSA MIDI softsynths. An option to perform exports without using freewheeling mode would be very useful for such cases.

I imagine this would work just like the current export features, but just playing the region/range/session in realtime, writing the appropriate output to disk instead of playing it through the master out. It would be great if this could be used for both normal exports and stem exports.
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2011-11-01 09:54

manager   ~0011851

yeah, votes++


2011-11-01 16:48

manager   ~0011860

sakari, if you can find the time: your comment on this issue would be very interesting. awesome work on the exporter btw. it's a world of difference, particularly for multichannel users like me :)


2012-05-29 09:12

manager   ~0013325

quick update for other followers of this bug: i have learned on IRC that the matter is not as trivial as i and others have thought. the reason is that while export in freewheeling is usually faster than realtime, it doensn't have to be, particularly when resampling or encoding the output. so it's not just a matter of "slow down and be fine" - for realtime export, pretty much all export options that eat significant amounts of cpu must be disabled, otherwise a session that plays fine might hit 100% on export and produce dropouts.

but it's good to see this on the radar for post 3.0, thanks paul.

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