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Summary0004413: multiple export does not allow selection of different outputs
Descriptioni'm running a session that produces ambisonic output (via the master bus) and a pre-rendered 9-channel speaker feed (via another bus).
i would like the multiple export feature to export both formats in one go.
unfortunately, it is not possible to select the number of output tracks and the connections per format, only globally (under "advanced options").

this limits the multiple export feature to simultaneous output of exactly the same content in various file formats.

i suggest to make the advanced options a per-format setting instead.

if you think the ambisonics usecase is exotic (it is), consider a mix in 5.1 where you have to deliver a stereo feed at the same time.
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2011-11-01 16:50

manager   ~0011861

sakari, again i'd be interested in your opinion on this. it's already great as it is, but with this feature, it would be nothing short of brilliant :)


2012-01-23 20:55

developer   ~0012631

Sorry that I haven't noticed this earlier...

I think this would add too much complexity to the more common use case:
  1. add multiple formats
  2. change the channel config
  3. repeat the channel config change in all formats

Here step 3 is the excess one. With some clever design we might be able to work around it, but it really would need some design work to be done first.

I propose the following workaround: save presets for both channel configurations and just do two export passes. The presets get saved in two pieces: session specific parts of the preset are saved with the session, and global parts globally. Once you save the preset in a session it should work for all later exports from that session.

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