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0004282bugs2011-11-15 18:33
ReporterrytmenpinneAssigned Tocth103 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.0-alpha10 
Fixed in Version3.0-beta2 
Summary0004282: export format presets aren't saved
DescriptionThey are forgot even after closing and reopening the export dialog
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2011-08-20 05:27

reporter   ~0011384

Same issue here on all the A3 Alphas


2011-09-12 22:06

administrator   ~0011493

Works for me. After you save a preset, what files are in your




2011-09-13 18:43

reporter   ~0011495

Last edited: 2011-09-13 18:44

CD only.preset
CD (Red Book) (copy).format
CD (Red Book).format
DVD-A only.preset
FLAC 24 bit .format
Ogg_Vorbis (tagged) (copy).format
Ogg_Vorbis (tagged).format

I remever creating some of those some ago, doesn't show up in my export dialog tho.


2011-09-14 13:09

administrator   ~0011498

After you open the export dialog, do you get a message along the lines of

[INFO]: Searching for export formats in /home/carl/.config/ardour3/export:/usr/local/lib/ardour3/export

in the Ardour Log window? If so, what does it say?


2011-09-15 11:25

reporter   ~0011521

Last edited: 2011-09-15 11:36

no such message, this is the log, wich btw contains another small bug concerning custom clicks.

[INFO]: looking for control protocols in /opt/Ardour-3.0alpha10_10000-dbg/lib/surfaces
[INFO]: Control surface protocol discovered: "Generic MIDI"
[INFO]: Control surface protocol discovered: "Open Sound Control (OSC)"
[INFO]: Control surface protocol discovered: "Mackie"
[INFO]: Loading menus from /opt/Ardour-3.0alpha10_10000-dbg/etc/ardour.menus
[WARNING]: cannot open click soundfile /home/alex/various (System error.)
[WARNING]: cannot open click soundfile /home/alex/various (System error.)
[WARNING]: cannot open click soundfile /home/alex/various (System error.)
[WARNING]: cannot open click soundfile /home/alex/various (System error.)
[INFO]: Loading bindings from /home/alex/.config/ardour3/ardour.bindings
Loading history from /home/alex/audio-projects/I am the Cbelt/I am the Cbelt.history

reported here;


2011-11-15 01:13

administrator   ~0012025

Do you not see the "Searching for export formats" message even _after_ opening the export dialog?


2011-11-15 18:00

reporter   ~0012055

aaah, it's looking in the install directory but they're stored in my user config

[INFO]: Searching for export formats in /opt/Ardour-3.0alpha10_10000-dbg/share/export


2011-11-15 18:33

administrator   ~0012059

OK, this should be fixed in SVN 10623. Please re-open this bug if you are still having problems. Thanks!

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