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0004251ardourbugspublic2011-08-12 09:18
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Product Version2.8.11 
Target Version2.8.12 
Summary0004251: multiple midi controls at the same tick aren't used
DescriptionWhen receiving several midi controls at the same tick (but not the same time, obviously), only the first one is being used.
The other ones are used when a new midi event reaches ardour at a different tick. At that tick, all the previous midi controls which were "pending" are used.
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2011-08-11 15:33

administrator   ~0011291

can you explain a bit more what you mean by "tick" since this has a very specific technical meaning inside ardour (as is the case with most MIDI sequencers) ?


2011-08-12 09:18

reporter   ~0011307

Well, when monitoring the midi events incoming to ardour with kmididmon, I can see that all got the same "tick", but not the same "time".

Here is how the midi events are being generated:
- a Program Change comes to Mididings,
- the Program Change is filtered and transformed into a pack of Control Changes,
- the Control Changes are sent to Ardour.

Only the first one of the pack is being "interpretated" until a new MIDI event comes to ardour at a different moment. Then, all the previous pending events are interpretated. Please note that the new incoming events might be completely different from any of the ones contained in the previous pack of midi events.

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