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0004202features2012-10-17 22:29
Reporterin0giroAssigned Tocth103 
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PlatformIntel Core2 DuoOSGentoo amd64 + Pro-Audio overlayOS Versionstable
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Summary0004202: "glue to bars/beats" enhancements
Descriptionjust a few enhancement requests to the very useful "glue to bars/beats" option for regions and markers:

1) an option to make this the default for all newly created a) regions b) markers (i.e. basically anything that can be positioned in terms of bars/beats). tempo & meter changes are already handled like this.

2) an option to apply "glue to bars/beats" to all regions in a track (including not currently visible/selected playlists)

3) an option to apply "glue to bars/beats" to all existing index markers

for someone who works mainly with bars/beats, does lots of tempo/meter changes and often moves things around (like me), this would be very useful for changing the timeline and not having to manually move regions, markers, especially regions not in a currently visible/selected playlist on a track.

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2011-09-14 19:22

administrator   ~0011504

When you say "newly created" regions... do you mean those created e.g. by a split? by a copy? or just by a record / import?


2011-09-14 20:39

administrator   ~0011510

Option to glue markers implemented in SVN 10087.


2011-09-14 20:47

reporter   ~0011511

as for "newly created regions", i would say all of the above (though maybe an multi-checkbox for selecting particulars). basically, any time a new region is created by whatever method, it would automatically be glued to bars & beats.

thanks, i will check it out.


2011-10-05 12:24

reporter   ~0011654

i can confirm that the "create new markers glued to bars & beats" option is working with initial testing in A3 rev. 10183.


let me know if/when you would like me to test out the same feature with regions.


2011-11-24 19:33

administrator   ~0012203

Region glue option implemented in SVN 10821.


2011-11-27 14:02

reporter   ~0012219

confirmed in SVN 10826. thanks!


2011-11-27 14:16

reporter   ~0012221

just realized that some of the requested features seem not to be implemented yet:

2) an option to apply "glue to bars/beats" to all regions in a track (including not currently visible/selected playlists)

- is this possible, particularly with regions in hidden playlists?

3) an option to apply "glue to bars/beats" to all existing index markers

- trying this out with multiply selected markers (i.e. with blue lines) and changing the glue state on one does not change all other markers currently.


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