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0004184bugs2014-07-27 12:37
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Summary0004184: LV2 Output Ports should be shown by name and not by number in Audio Connection Manager
DescriptionLV2 plugin output ports are shown only by their number in the Audio Connection Manager.
since the LV2 plugins define symbolic names for the ports, these should be used when displaying the ports instead.
In my particular use-case I am having a LV2 drum instrument plugin with 16 output channels or more. It takes quite a bit of work to get all the outputs connected to the correct Ardour tracks.
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2011-07-14 19:15

administrator   ~0011125

i think you're a little confused. Plugins have *no* outputs shown in the audio connection manager, or anywhere else for that matter. The outputs of a plugin are visible only to the track/bus in which the plugin is placed. The outputs of the track/bus are visible to the rest of the world, and will reflect (in various ways) the configuration of the plugin. But there's absolutely no reason to think that the output names of a plugin should be generally propagated to the names of the track/bus outputs - the specific case you're talking about (1 plugin, with semantically important output port names) is really a very special case.

To see what I mean, imagine if you added an FX plugin right after the drum instrument. Now imagine that this plugin had names for its output ports too ...


2014-07-27 12:37

reporter   ~0015857

What if ardour would ask me, when loading such a plugin, if I want to create busses for every plugin output with the right name? The miditrack would only accept midiplugins.

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