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0004181ardourfeaturespublic2020-04-19 20:15
Reporterthe_CLA Assigned Tocth103  
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Target Version3.0-beta3 
Summary0004181: Click should be latency compensated as well
DescriptionAs gathered from the analysis of bug 0004174 the click (in contrary to regular tracks) currently (as of rev. 9871) has no latency compensation. When having tracks with plugins or inserts with some latency this results in the click being to early in relation to the grid (and possibly to what has been allready recorded). This gets very obvious with plugins wich have a high latency and with compensated hardware inserts at higher buffer sizes, wich quickly adds up to several thousands of frames.

Personally I wouldn't call it a missing feature but a major design flaw. So even tough I filed it as a feature request against A3, I'm of the opinion that a fix should be backported to 2.0-ongoing as well.
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2012-01-11 16:05

administrator   ~0012547

Should be fixed in A3 11226 and A2 11227.


2020-04-19 20:15

developer   ~0022662

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