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0004180ardourfeaturespublic2015-07-28 19:17
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Product Version2.8.11 
Summary0004180: A Feedback Button which sends all the assigned MIDI Controller values as on the start up
DescriptionIt would be nice to have a way so send all values of the different MIDI CC's to the control output with a button (Feedback).

Like it is made in amsynth.

This would be useful to synchronize a hardware MIDI Device with ardour even if you disconnect it and connect it again or just connect it while working.
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2011-07-13 15:54

administrator   ~0011115

i can certainly see the point. not sure how much work this would be to implement. could be fairly easy, but its also quite a lot of data for a large session.


2011-07-13 17:33

reporter   ~0011116

Thanks. But you send the data on the start up anyway. So why to not give the user the time point to decide.

For me for example. I have a studio where I make the takes and have a BCR2000 at home to work with this takes. So I only use MIDI if I am at home. Maybe you can leave out the sending at the beginning but make such a button (in my eyes a shortcut would be even better).


2015-07-28 19:17

reporter   ~0016971

Great amount of data in large sessions could be solved by setting tab/box, where you can choose what to send, that go with your workflow. Somebody needs only particular synth data, somebody only faders and pans etc.

Timing issues with the position of the playhead could be solved by an option to send control data on every play event. Mostly motorized faders would benefit from this.

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