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0004130features2011-07-07 14:23
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Summary0004130: aux send multiple assigning
DescriptionI'm tryng to use ardor as live stage monitor mixer

suppose 24 ch + 6 busses

to work speedly I have to assign an input channel to all Aux sends (busses?) in a click with 80% signal level, so then I can assign only preferred instrument a 100% level

thanks for your work
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2011-07-07 14:23

administrator   ~0010986

it was not clear precisely what you meant. several of us discussed this on IRC, and if our best guess is correct, this feature is too specialized for us to consider as a general addition to Ardour. it would be the sort of thing that could be done as a paid contract or by a developer who had some reason to spend time on it. apologies .. some things are just too specialized for us to do in this way.

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