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0004102features2017-09-28 17:11
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Summary0004102: Spectrogram view for clips.
DescriptionA feature I have been considering for a while now is the possibility to view a clip in the frequency domain using a spectrogram view.
It could be configured using the view-mode menu (currently linear/logarithmic).
This would be a great help when performing cutting at the beginning of eg. guitar chord strums, which can be quite hard to see in the time domain.
Also it could be useful when performing manual de-essing.
I imagine the clip looking a bit like this:
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2011-06-10 09:04

reporter   ~0010841

It seems others have gotten the same idea as well:


2016-03-03 06:16

reporter   ~0018036

+1 for this one.

It feels like now, that a spectrogram is implemented for the export, the editor supports multiple visualizations already, it can't be too hard to add a spectrogram as well (but maybe it is still very hard and a lot of work :)).

IMHO, this very information-dense view can help editors more easily spot tones, glitches, noises, etc.
Just think of a heavily gained guitar where your waveform basically looks like a plankā€¦


2016-03-05 14:52

administrator   ~0018039

The spectrogram itself is the easy part (already done in a git branch a while ago: - hard replaces waveform display)

As usual, GUI integration is the vast majority of work:
- allow to switch wave/spectrum or overlay them
- cache precaluated the spectrum (in memory and on disk)
- calculate display in the background
- maintain a image and spectrum cache - not unlike peak-files
..and all sorts of details and edge cases.

I don't expect this to become part of Ardour anytime soon, but who knows.


2017-09-28 17:11

reporter   ~0020047

Spectrograms can be very useful. Even more so if also combined with spectral editing, like in e.g. Izotope RX.

A somewhat similar and very nice feature have been recently added to Reaper. Have a look here:

Something like this would be a really, really GREAT feature! ;-)

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