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Summary0004042: Could Ardour please warn users about probably critical un-connections?
DescriptionBack in the pre-1.0 days, Ardour would not permit recording on tracks with disconnected inputs, and would issue a visible error to the user.

In 2.x, this behavior was changed to allow recording from disconnected tracks, which I think is correct, but a warning that inputs were disconnected would have saved me a lot of heartache in many a recording session.

In IRC a few minutes ago, we helped a self-described noob who had somehow disconnected his master output bus from his sound card.

I propose:

In the case that the user arms a track with no input for recording, that the record enable button turn red with a ! symbol (something like and a tooltip, so if the user hovers over the !, it says "this track has no input connected. It will only record silence." Or something to that effect.

In the case that the master bus (or maybe any bus) has disconnected outputs, a similar warning be issued; though I'm not so sure what it should look like. There's not such a convenient place to put a round exclamation symbol.
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My link didn't work! Curses! Foiled again!!!

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