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0004007ardourotherpublic2011-04-24 09:48
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Product Version3.0-alpha4 
Summary0004007: My disk system cannot keep up with Ardour
DescriptionI do not understand why this is not working or why it is necessary to use Jack. I am very frustrated. I have tried to play and record and I get the Summary message everytime: Disk system cannot keep up with Ardour. I have a brand new up to date iMac and I can't believe I am having this problem. Do you have any suggestions?
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2011-04-24 09:48

reporter   ~0010653

Hi recorick!

These sort of questions are normally asked on irc (#ardour-osx) or in the forum- there is a OSX board on the forums for questions like this but anyway you should try increasing your JACK buffer setting (under jackpilots preferences) to 2048. If that makes Ardour work fine, try dropping it to 1024 as you may get better latency.

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