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0003969ardourfeaturespublic2011-07-11 16:55
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Summary0003969: Audition click/tempo
DescriptionThis is more of a work-flow issue, and I am open to suggestions.

When creating a new session, there are no start/end markers created until a new
region is added.

With transport preference "Stop at end of the session" enabled, and no editor regions, there is no apparent way to audition click/tempo settings.

I got kind of use to how A2 created the markers, allowing me to adjust tempo by listening to the click without having to adjust preferences.
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2011-07-11 16:55

reporter   ~0011073

this is indeed handy when starting a session, and you just want to hear a click and play around with the initial tempo of the session. for example, you have a guitar in hand and have an idea about the tempo from playing it. it is useful (as in A2) to be able to have the click working with an empty session to match the tempo to your strumming/vice versa.

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