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0003852ardourbugspublic2011-10-31 18:18
Reporterrytmenpinne Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version2.8.11 
Target Version2.8.12 
Summary0003852: [WARNING]: Editor::event_frame() used on unhandled event type 31 when using scroll wheel over a crossfade
DescriptionI get error "[WARNING]: Editor::event_frame() used on unhandled event type 31" when using the scroll wheel over a crossfade with ardour 2.8.11 revision 7387

nothing else happens, I don't know if something is supposed to happen either..
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2011-09-10 18:44

reporter   ~0011482

I can confirm the issue, same revision (I assume we're both using Ubuntu 11.04). It's only when scroll wheeling over a crossfade.


2011-09-10 21:56

reporter   ~0011483

nope, I run archlinux :)


2011-10-31 18:18

updater   ~0011836

I can't reproduce this in A2 current svn at the moment (though I think I did see it not very long ago), but it does still happen for me in A3.

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