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0003837ardourfeaturespublic2012-06-12 20:21
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Summary0003837: Draw automation when recording
DescriptionI've not tried it with audio tracks but recent 3.0 svn versions don't draw MIDI automation lanes as they are being recorded. Hardly a showstopper for most use cases but seeing as regular MIDI notes are drawn as they are recorded it only makes sense that the same should apply to automation lanes/data, even if it only does so when you have the lane open and visible.
Additional InformationThats gotta be it for 3.0 era feature requests from me now - surely??
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2012-06-12 20:21

administrator   ~0013489

automation of all types is recorded without display at present. we changed the design in 2.X at some point to fix some deeper issues and have never come up with a satisfactory design to permit drawing while recording.

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