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0003676ardourfeaturespublic2011-02-07 01:26
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Summary0003676: Add option to have track output re-direct to sub-group bus when joining a group
DescriptionIf a sub-group bus is created by right clicking on the group tabs, the tracks within that group will have their outputs redirected to the newly created bus. If at a later stage a track is added to that group, the new track is not redirected to the subgroup bus.

It would be good to have an option to enable auto routing to the subgroup when new tracks are added to the group.
Additional Information(00:09:04) lincoln: oofus: when creating a bus from a group, as a sub-group, do you think it would be a good thing if any track that is brought into the group should have it's output changed to the bus?
(00:09:56) oofus: lincoln_s1: sounds like a sensible thing to do
(00:10:27) oofus: lincoln_s1: perhaps it could be an option within the group config window
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2011-01-06 01:37

administrator   ~0009853

What should happen when a route leaves a group?


2011-01-06 13:50

reporter   ~0009861

Maybe the user can be prompted to chose between changing routing to Master bus or stay in the sub-group bus.

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