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0003642features2014-01-10 00:26
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Summary0003642: Additional stereo balance control for stereo tracks
DescriptionWhile the two individual panners in A2 or the simplified (?) pan & width in A3 might be preferable for a lot of mixing tasks there are also other cases where a regular balance control for adjusting the channel levels would be needed.

As balance is so common in other mixers (both hard- and software) there are only very few plugins that perform this task (I currently only know the "Invada Input Module" on Linux).

Balance should be pre "pan & width", but it might be open for discussion if it should be pre all plugins as well or movable in the signal chain (wich should work well in A3s mixer strips).

(To clarify: Balance modifies/balances the levels of the left and right channels instead of panning them in the stereo field.)
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2010-12-30 21:06

developer   ~0009751

Just to underline what you said in the first sentence, pan and balance are two separate tools and should not be considered as a replacement/alternative to each other. Balance is more of an input line trim for evening up uneven input signals.


2014-01-10 00:26

administrator   ~0015559

initial development completed in 3.5-208-gca0667e

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