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0003619ardourbugspublic2020-04-19 20:15
Reporteryouki Assigned Topaul  
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Target Version3.0-beta1 
Summary0003619: Impossible to cleanup unused sources
DescriptionI have many unused files in the region list. When i try to cleanup them it answers : No audio files were ready for cleanup.
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related to 0003480 new Add ability to remove unused regions from session 
has duplicate 0003702 closed Cleanup unused sources not working. 
has duplicate 0003760 closed Session Cleanup not working 
has duplicate 0003792 closedpaul Cleanup unused sources doesn't work 


2010-12-21 01:40


Cleanup-unused-1.png (195,288 bytes)   
Cleanup-unused-1.png (195,288 bytes)   


2010-12-21 16:59

reporter   ~0009677

Looking at the screenshot it looks like youki didn't create any MIDI tracks and hence didn't delete any MIDI regions. I've just tried choosing Session -> Cleanup -> Cleanup unused sources under 8319 but with just one MIDI track and a few deleted (from a track) MIDI regions and I get the same error but SHOULD this same option also delete all unused MIDI regions too or should we have that as a separate option under the Cleanup menu instead? Additionally, the "Are you sure you want to cleanup?" confirmation notification window currently makes no mention of MIDI regions, only unused audio files.


2010-12-21 17:31

reporter   ~0009678

Danboid, unused region removal is being implemented as part of 0003480


2010-12-21 18:16

reporter   ~0009680

Thanks Lincoln- not tried it just yet but it'd be nice to see your patch upstreamed or get some feedback on why it hasn't been integrated already. Does your patch clean up MIDI sources too?


2010-12-22 16:06

administrator   ~0009695

cleanup is not working in a3 at present. lincoln's patch doesn't address this.


2011-03-01 21:57

administrator   ~0010229

this should now be working (or at least ready for testing) post rev 9015


2011-03-02 11:09

reporter   ~0010247

Cleanup unused sources works with both audio and MIDI for me under 9027 although 'Delete Unused' from the region list context menu doesn't work for MIDI regions.


2011-03-02 12:29

administrator   ~0010252

see notes.


2020-04-19 20:15

developer   ~0022313

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