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0003615ardourfeaturespublic2011-11-24 01:02
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Summary0003615: Allow addition of comments to plugin presets
DescriptionWhen choosing/browsing (VST) presets, they should ideally have both their bank and program numbers visible so as to make them easily selectable.
Additional InformationThis feature really requires that both:

be fixed beforehand
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2010-12-20 00:14

administrator   ~0009667

I'm not sure if there's any way for Ardour to know what program changes will set a particular preset for any particular VST. Am I missing something? Is there a pattern?


2010-12-20 08:09

reporter   ~0009670

From my limited experience with VSTs combined with what you tell me it seems that it is common for VSTs to have a set number of in-built presets that we have no way to modify but can duplicate (and then modify) to a new preset which will then get appended to the list of inbuilt (and any pre-existing custom) presets already saved.

The number of in-built presets seems to vary from just a few up to multiple hundreds but these presets always get listed in exactly the same order by Ardour so on a per-plugin basis it is only when you get to the custom presets that you may get different (or no) results depending on what custom presets you have saved and in what order for that particular plugin.

One thing I'm not sure of is if preset 'number 1' should be listed as 'Bank 0 Program 1' or 'Bank 1 Program 1' or 'Bank 0 Program 0' or 'Bank 1 Program 0'. I suppose we need to check how Rosegarden, Cubase etc. number them as I presume they will all do 0-127 or 1-128 for both Bank and Program refs.

I think the presets are stored in plain text on a per-line basis in the config dir aren't they so we can prob get away without having a preset manager for the mo at least.

I hope thats clarified something!


2010-12-20 09:23

reporter   ~0009671

After having thought about the preset refs for more than half a second I realised it doesn't matter how other sequencers deal with it, for Ardour preset 1 has to be Bank 0 Program 0 and preset 129 will be Bank 1 Program 0 simply because the automation values run from 0-127.


2010-12-20 18:38

reporter   ~0009675

It seems that not all VSTi's support PC and I'd guess that there is also no easy and standardised way to read PC and BC info from different plugins so what would be handy would be preset comments like we have already for tracks.

On a per-plugin basis it would be nice to have a text box just to the right of each preset name that shows at least the first 7 characters of your comment if you give it one. 7 characters would be enough to display a comment like:


Just like the the track comments, clicking on it would expand the text entry area so you can view or edit a longer comment.

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