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0003599bugs2011-04-11 16:31
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Summary0003599: VST child windows don't take focus
DescriptionCreate a MIDI track then add a plugin such as Highlife:

Open up the Highlife VST GUI by double-clicking it then click on the 'Sample' button just to the right of the virtual LCD display area. Now if you move the VST window you should see the open sample file selector window below it which would've ideally came into focus above other windows.
Additional InformationThis is under 8254 running under Fluxbox under squeeze 32. Sorry if this is a wine problem out of your control or just a flaw with my window manager config.

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2011-03-10 23:22: danboid (US$ 30)
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2011-03-05 14:13

reporter   ~0010291

Last edited: 2011-03-05 14:16

I've been testing A3's VSTi support again over the last week or so and its really quite impressive now but this would seem to be the last major (and also the most visible) flaw remaining with VST support.

Despite my best efforts to rally dev support for LV2 synths, you can still count them on one hand and none of them compare to the quality free win32 VSTis we can run well (Synth1, Crystal, HighLife, sfz) under A3 now so those of us without hardware synths and samplers are dependent upon such VSTis for a while yet hence I'd like to see this issue reconsidered for inclusion in 3.0 if not an alpha or beta fix as I'm spending a sorry amount of time awkwardly re-arranging windows to use obscured ones below ie accessing the presets screen of synth1 is a pain.


2011-03-10 23:25

reporter   ~0010343

I know nobody likes working on the VST stuff so I'm offering $30 in the hope of having this brought forward to a 3.0 target version if not the alpha or beta as frankly its annoying the hell out of me!



2011-04-07 07:31

reporter   ~0010500

Hi danboid, I've been able to workaround this issue with a compiz plugin, sorry I've got the italian-translated ccsm and don't know the exact english name for the plugin, anyway it consists on adding a custom key combo to change the behaviour of a window that's always taking the focus, so it doesn't anymore.

I succesfully used it with Voxengo Elephant menus in ardourvst 2.8.11 that otherwise would have been hidden by the main plugin window..


2011-04-07 08:28

reporter   ~0010501

Hi vervelover!

Thats good to hear although I generally try to avoid compiz. I haven't put much effort into messing with other window managers to get this to work yet.


2011-04-08 16:53

administrator   ~0010517

this is a wine window management problem that is out of Ardour's control.


2011-04-11 16:31

reporter   ~0010544

Would like to say one more thing on this: the same plugin (Voxengo Elephant) displays the menus correctly on every other host I tried it (FST,DSSI-VST,vst-host.exe) except Ardour..

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