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0003582ardourotherpublic2010-12-02 19:54
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Product Version2.8.6 
Summary0003582: Audio files wont play
DescriptionI have a variety of audio files saved to my desktop, and with my last bug, it was recomended that i not have as much memory used on my computer to prevent JACK failures. I have done so but now selective audio files will not play when opened. I can open certain audio files and they work fine, but when i open three of my most important projects, no sound comes when i play them. Nothing is muted, all my settings are identicle to the audio files that will play (as far as i know). How can I fix this?
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2010-12-02 17:06

developer   ~0009539

This isn't really a bug, I think you need to have a read of this

and get support through one of the other channels. IRC is considered the best route as it is more immediate and interactive.


2010-12-02 19:21

reporter   ~0009540

Then what is it? I am not familiar with linux or any of its programs. I read what i could understand from the users manual found on, however most of it is very confusing. If you won't tell me how to fix this, who can? please send me a direct link, I can't understand all of these hyperlink's and what type of problems go where. All I know is that Ardour isn't working properly and I need it fixed.


2010-12-02 19:44

administrator   ~0009541

We can't possibly give you an overview of Linux. Every day many people show up on IRC, the forums and the user mailing list with issues that get resolved by the community and ardour developers. Sometimes there are issues that we can't resolve or even diagnose, and very occasionally there are issues that we just refuse to fix for one reason ot another.

Your report has completely insufficient detail to begin working on any kind of advice - I'm not even really clear that you're clear on what you mean by "an audio file". Ardour is not a simple program intended for people with zero experience of non-linear, non-destructive editing. Its not an audio file editor. Its a fairly complex DAW so unless you want to put some time into understanding how a program like this works, it might be better for you to consider a different application (Audacity comes to mind).

I'd also strongly suggest that you read:


2010-12-02 19:54

developer   ~0009542

Audio files not playing is a pretty fundamental thing for an audio program. No body else is seeing this issue (that doesn't mean to belittle your problem). The more likely cause of your problem is a misconfiguration or deeper problem with _your_ system. Mantis is meant for the reporting of bugs (ie real faults with the software) and requested features. Using it for fixing your problem could take days, if not weeks. I was suggesting IRC as it is a real time interaction with the software writers and others with intimate knowledge of Ardour and its workings. This could possibly get your problem fixed in minutes rather than days.

If you look in Ardours help menu you may see a chat option, this will open a browser window and connect you to the Ardour IRC channel. Then ask your question and be a little patient for the answer.

I'm hoping 2.8.6 has the chat option, I can't remember which version it was added to (latest is 2.8.11).

The link I posted has details of how to get to the Ardour IRC channel if the chat option is not available.

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