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Summary0003561: Percussion Editor
DescriptionIt would be nice to have a percussion editor in ardour. I know there is something like a percussion mode. What I mean is the following:

- Instead of the keyboard-keys on the left side there are names displayed (e.g. BD, Snare, Tom, etc).
- What exactly is displayed can be configured (drum map).
- Configure Swing: The same as in Hydrogen: You can specify swing from 0 to 100%. The entered notes would then be interpreted "swinging". Two 8th notes for example would be interpreted as a note with the duration of two triplets and the second with the duration of one triplet (if set to 100%).
- Slight timing variations (as in Hydrogen, humanize) (there is already a feature request for that)
- Slight velocity variations (as in Hydrogen). Randomly add/subtract a small amount to/from the velocity.
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2011-10-24 09:39

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Yes yes, we're very aware A3 is missing this. I'm sorry but there will be no such feature in Ardour 3.0 but maybe in a later 3.x release.

Paul, Carl, Seablade, oofus:

I think it would be a good idea that when someone clicks 'Report Issue' on Mantis they will see a short message (maybe entitled 'Before you post any feature requests') detailing very frequently requested features such as this that will not make it into 3.0 with a link to the roadmap for 3.x so they know where to look for a full list of deferred feature requests.

If we don't do this soon I fear Mantis will be flooded with dupe feature requests when the OSX beta gets unleashed.

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