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0003529features2010-11-11 13:36
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Summary0003529: Show Marker Lines
DescriptionWe're lucky enough to own an audio rack that not only works great with FFADO but could also be used standalone. One of the main reasons we choose to do the tracking under Ardour instead is the ability to place markers as visual prompts. However, the location markers are only a few pixels small and so it would be great to be able to increase their visibility by being able to toggle lines that would drop down from each one across the height of the editor. As oofus suggested, it would make sense to call such an option "Show marker lines" and place it under the view menu.
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2010-11-10 18:29

administrator   ~0009386

Implemented in SVN.


2010-11-11 04:18

developer   ~0009391

Nice, like this. However, the lines are the same colour as the line used to indicate the current edit point, this is confusing. suggest making the lines the same colour as the mark they are originating from. Also, could the lines just descend from the bottom of the mark, rather than stretching all the way to the top of all the rulers ?


2010-11-11 13:36

administrator   ~0009392

Done in SVN.

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