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Summary0003511: Virtual Region Duplication
DescriptionA common feature when recording rap music is just to let a beat go on and on and on and just capture the moment. It's playing a loop, while recording.

This is not possible in Ardour, because it doesn't have separate playback and record control.

A way to remedy this is to create a virtual region duplication switch. With a switch, a region would fill an entire track and even extend in real time when the outer session end marker moves because a record pushes it.

I do this
Additional InformationIndependent loop play while recording is possible in ecasound, with:

ecasound -t:3600 -a:1 -i:jack_auto,default -o:recordfile.wav -a:2 -i:audioloop,foo.wav -o:jack_auto,default
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2010-10-27 01:16

reporter   ~0009309

Another way that was possible before Ardour implemented Loop Recording, was that when Ardour was playing in loop, the tracks that were armed for recording would just record and not break up on each loop, like it does now when loop recording.

A feature could be to disable loop recording with a switch, instead of the virtual duplication.

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