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0000351ardourfeaturespublic2010-07-22 14:22
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Summary0000351: displaying pan, gain, plugin automation "tracks" in the route list.
Descriptionlisting the "children" of a route, like gan, pan, plugin automation etc in the route list. Similarly to the region list how regions are listed as "children" of a whole file in the region list.
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2004-05-26 12:42

administrator   ~0000851

what do you think of this now that the "a" button gives you a menu for automation tracks, grouped by plugins, etc, along with various a-track options like hide/show etc etc.


2008-02-19 06:41

developer   ~0004730

I think we still should do this. It would be a lot more user friendly also. The activate column for automation tracks could be used to toggle automation mode (off, touch, write, play).


2009-07-04 04:11

manager   ~0006221

Hmm I can see having this, but only if we used a tree structure, where the automation tracks are children of the track, and themselves could be grouped by other parameters, for instance plugin parameters etc.

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