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0003490ardourfeaturespublic2012-05-28 00:21
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Summary0003490: Advanced MIDI Export
DescriptionThis is a turning point posting for me as it genuinely feels like this will be my final feature request for Ardour 3.0. We essentially need two options for MIDI import I think- export selected regions as SMF and export all MIDI regions as SMF. Menu placement such as whether or not these two get bundled under one Session -> Export -> Export to MIDI files menu or not I'll leave you to decide.
Additional InformationAs stated- I see this as likely my final feature request for 3.0- sorry its late. If Carl has fixed the display of MIDI tracks when recording (potentially fixing ) now then as far as MIDI bugs go there only a few I know of now, all listed on Mantis already 'cept for maybe not the one about the playback of MIDI regions that have been moved/ are being moved after pushing play but las knows about that one.

The boy who cried beta (soon)

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2010-10-19 17:08

administrator   ~0009281

implementers note: this should be easy to do, since its identical to the "clone" operation but with a user-specified path for the file.


2012-05-24 17:10

administrator   ~0013291

basic single-region export implemented in svn.


2012-05-25 17:00

reporter   ~0013296

Hi Paul!

Single region export is a bit of a non-feature as all the MIDI region smfs are readily available in the session folder anyway.

What I was requesting here and I'm sure what many people have expected/ will expect to see in 3.0 inc. most likely the person who flagged its absence in the b4 release comments is the ability to export either all the MIDI regions in the session or just the currently selected regions into one .mid

To be honest its not a feature I'll be using that often but you would expect this as a given in any (semi)pro level MIDI sequencer worthy of the title, even if it is a first stable release.


2012-05-25 18:11

administrator   ~0013297

the export feature allows you to export a region that is a subset of an SMF file.

3.0 will absolutely not have any feature that represents consolidation/bounce of existing MIDI into a single region/file.

the person who pushed me to do this by asking about it on the forums reported that single region export is enough for their needs.

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