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0003446features2011-03-02 02:12
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Summary0003446: Audio preview for MIDI note insert and move
DescriptionWhen you have a MIDI track connected to a sound generator you should be able to hear a preview of the inserted or moved note.
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2010-09-13 20:10

administrator   ~0009041

There is a "play note" option, placed (somewhat for no reason) over by the MIDI panic button (its a smaller speaker like thing). this will do some/all of what you want. let us know how much.


2010-09-14 07:14

reporter   ~0009045

So thats what thats for! I'd previously thought that speaker icon was somehow related to the panic button.

The sound notes icon does half of what I requested here in that it plays notes on insertion (and selection) but not when you move them.


2010-09-14 08:35

reporter   ~0009046

As for moving multiple notes with Sound Note enabled, I think it should just play the first note(s) in the selected sequence. If more than one note exists at the beginning of the selected sequence (ie a chord) then all those notes get played but not subsequent notes.

It would be ideal if we could preview chords but otherwise just being able to preview single notes when moving them would be a start.


2010-09-15 16:17

administrator   ~0009062

first selected note is now played during motion on the pitch axis (rev 7782)


2010-09-15 19:41

administrator   ~0009063

chord support added with rev 7778, i believe this is done modulo bugs.


2010-09-16 22:28

reporter   ~0009080

I've been testing this new feature in a clean build of svn rev 7789.

Dragging notes seems to play the wrong midi notes.

e.g. dragging C5 (60) vertically up one semitone causes C#4 (49) to be played... and also causes the textual hovering readout to change to B4 (59) when it should be C#5 (61). Once a note is released and re-selected, the readout and midi preview are correct.


2010-09-17 20:32

administrator   ~0009084

fixed (along with another issue that led to the note not being played sometimes) in rev 7793


2010-09-17 22:08

reporter   ~0009088

...almost fixed!

The y-axis is still inverted (dragging vertically up causes the pitch of previewed note to decrease instead of increasing). I have a simple patch for this that I will attach - it's a one-line fix.


2010-09-17 22:13

reporter   ~0009089

I don't seem to be able to upload a file using mantis.
Here's the patch:


2010-09-17 23:29

administrator   ~0009090

fixed that, but i notice now that the drag of the note doesn't really track note positioning. reopening the bug until that is fixed.


2010-12-09 10:26

reporter   ~0009585

Think this can safely be resolved.


2011-03-02 02:12

administrator   ~0010239

see notes.

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