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0003414ardourbugspublic2020-04-19 20:14
Reporterdanboid Assigned Tocth103  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Target Version3.0-beta1 
Summary0003414: Program change flags display Program Change value +1
DescriptionCreate a MIDI track with a Program Change track and add a Program Change control point. Zoom in or out to make the program change flag for that point appear and under 7679 the value displayed on the flag is +1 whatever the value reported by the control point is.
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2010-08-26 01:48

administrator   ~0008910

Also I guess the PC flag should appear automagically.


2010-08-31 03:43

administrator   ~0008963

still not sure on the future status of the flags and/or the PC "automation track is". i don't think that they should both exist.


2010-09-04 14:32

reporter   ~0008988

I'd agree that having a full automation track dedicated to PC's seem like a waste of space but at the same time I don't want anymore draw/insert icons added to our already packed toolbar than there already are, please!

ATM if you have 'Draw Gain Automation' selected and click within a MIDI note track it does nothing but if you have 'Edit Region Contents' on it inserts a note which is an unnecessary duplication of an existing function so maybe 'Draw Gain Automation' could double-up for inserting PC change markers when clicking in a MIDI note track with its icon changing to 'PC' when the cursor is over a MIDI note track?

To move the PC marker should simply be a case of LMB drag to move it and either double-click and/or CTRL-RMB click to set its value.


2010-09-04 14:52

administrator   ~0008989

i don't think that a click can be overloaded this way. There are also bank changes, which for some purposes may be more important than a program change. but i do agree that there needs to be a way to insert them easily into regions.


2010-12-23 00:04

administrator   ~0009700

Program Changes can now be inserted from the menu, so I remove the program change automation lane, which should fix this bug. I know the bank select stuff still needs sorting out.


2020-04-19 20:14

developer   ~0022203

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