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0003376features2011-02-27 01:59
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Summary0003376: track naming at creation
DescriptionHi people,
How about proposing to enter the track name when creating a new track ?
If I create 5 track all at once, I can choose let say Vox for the name, and get the created tracks named Vox 1, Vox 2...
and if I create only on it would be named Vox of course ?
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2010-08-03 12:18

reporter   ~0008698

May I suggest letting the user decide about wether the sequential naming is enabled or not by presenting him a checkbox?

Optionnally, the sequence pattern could be chosen.


2010-08-03 13:57

developer   ~0008699

Having the sequencing be optional could be problematic. Ardour doesn't allow tracks to have the same name, so if you create 5 tracks, give a name of 'vox' but then chose not to make them sequential would fail as you cannot have 5 tracks all called vox !

Another reason why track numbers might be a good idea :)


2011-02-27 01:59

administrator   ~0010188

Implemented in A3 SVN 8976.

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